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tMundo is a multilingual on-line game to practice geographical names of countries, capitals and nationality adjectives in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

It can be used mainly in Foreign Language and Geography classes at a variety of levels and also to foster awareness of foreign places and culture.

The Practice Game has two basic modes: localization and cultural heritage. In the heritage mode students have to match countries and pictures of most famous landmarks and momuments. It also features a two-player mode.

tMundo is made by teachers for teachers. You can visit our school magazine in El Alquián, Almería, Spain.

  tMundo 2007

Thanks to all the teachers and nearly 650 students organized in 85 teams from 24 countries who registered to participate in tMundo 2007.

Our congratulations to Etimesgut Anatolian High School in Ankara, Turkey and teacher Ms Irem Ebru Gursoy (pictured at left with her students) who led her students to the winning position this year. IV Liceum Ogólnoksztalcace from Bialystok, Poland with their teacher Ms Anna Lakus were second while Karmelava Balys Buracas from Kaunas, Lithuania led by Ms Ilona Mackeviciute and winners in the two previous editions were third.

tMundo 2007 individual winner is Ivan Andrianov from Gymnasia 45 secondary school in the Siberian town of Komsomolsk-on-Amure, Russia, northwest of Japan. Ivan set a new tMundo Europe world record at 1:54 minutes and will receive a 100€ prize. His classmate Lena Andrianova was second only three seconds behind him and Pawel Fiedoruk from IV Liceum Ogólnoksztalcace in Poland was third
. Karolina Bouzyte, from Zagares Gimnazija in Zagares, Lithuania has been randomly chosen from the list of participants to receive a 40€ prize.

IES San Isidro, the Spanish school that organizes the competition could not finally participate due to ongoing Internet connection problems during the period for practice and competition sessions.

Participation took place between February 1 and May 12, 2007.

The tMundo World Contest - tMWC is an international online competition that uses the tMundo game to provide teachers with an easy resource to complement their Foreign Language or Geography classes as they highly motivate their students by taking part in the game along with classes around the World.

Individual students can complete a printed map of Europe and do additional activities (charts, webquests, posters) using the material provided in the site under Resources and the teacher uses those activities, explained in a detailed lesson plan, to elicit conversations on geographical and cultural information. This way teachers can increase their students' vocabulary in the Foreign Language while engaging them in communicative sessions.

The culminating activity is a supervised session on-line when they have to complete the map of Europe in a Foreign Language of their choice within 20 minutes, individually and with no help. Results are automatically stored in a database.

If you have questions regarding the contest, please write to info@tmundo.com

   tMWC 2006

Thanks and congratulations to all schools, students and teachers who have taken part in the second edition of the tMundo World Contest. More than 340 students completed the 45-country map of Europe within 20 minutes and their positions had to be decided by time.

Nearly 500 students organized in over 50 groups representing 27 countries participated in this second edition.

Our special recognition goes to the individual winners. Egle Danasaite (photo 1, first from left) from Joniskis Ausra Gymnasium in Joniskis, Lithuania was the overall winner and set a new tMundo Europe World record at 2:19 minutes. An outstanding result was achieved by runner-up Gediminas Meškauskas from Karmelava Balys Buracas in Kaunas, Lithuania, who finished six seconds behind Egle and by Tsvetelina Vutova, from Hristo Yassenov school in Etropole Bulgaria in third position, just a second behind Gediminas.

The group ranking was dominated by Eastern European schools: Karmelava Balys Buracas (Kaunas, Lithuania) renewed last year's first position followed by Joniskis Ausra (Joniskis, Lithuania) and Sistema Educativo San Lorenzo (San Pedro, Costa Rica). .

The group ranking is calculated by averaging points and time of the top ten results in each school.

The organizing school, IES San Isidro, Spain came in 11th in the group ranking.

We would also like to show great appreciation for the work of all teachers who make an effort to introduce new technologies in their schools and found in this competition an efficient way to do it, in particular those from the winning groups Ms Ilona Mackeviciute (Kaunas), Ms Giedre Motiejuite (Joniskis) and Mr Walter Peña (San Pedro).

The top three individual winners will receive money prizes worth 100€, 70€ and €60. Maria Fedosova (position 33) from Gymnasia 45 School in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, has been selected randomly from the individual list to receive a 40€ prize.

The tMundo organizacion has decided to award a special 50€ prize (It should be 5,000 if we could afford it) to Mr Bhupal Shrestha and his students in Rautahat, Nepal (Photos 2 and 3).

Amid strikes and unrest in a country slowly making its way to Democracy Mr Shrestha, the school Principal Mr Rishikes Chimoriya and other teachers finally managed to take the students to a cybercafe in nearby Chandranigahpur where they met other teachers, principals from local schools and journalists. They rode their bikes to the cybercafe early in the morning on a rainy May 19th and completed the competition session with only three computers after three hours of frequent power and Internet failures, We can only express our greatest admiration for such dedicated teachers and their students.

  tMWC 2005

Karmelava Balys Buracas school in Kaunas, Lithuania and teacher Ms Ilona Mackeviciute, won the team competition and Agne Bareisaite, a student from that school was the individual winner. She completed the 45-country European map in just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Agne's classmates Rolandas Lipkevicius and Simonas Bieliauskas came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Organizing school IES San Isidro from Almería, Spain and SPOT from Piaseczno, Poland, though virtually tied, finished 2nd and 3rd, after the Kaunas school, just 4 tenths of a second apart, in the team ranking. Results for the school list were calculated by averaging top five positions (points and times) in each school.

Three Prizes were awarded: Two Spanish souvenir parcels were sent to Kaunas, Lithuania for winners Agne and Rolandas. Swedish student, Cajsa Jönsson (82), was chosen randomly from the alphabetically ordered list of participants (using the php programming language rand function) excluding the organizing school. Cajsa received souvenirs from Spain in Kastanjeskolan school, Tomelilla, Sweden.

166 students from 10 primary and secondary schools in 8 countries took part in the competition held between April 3rd and May 11th, 2005.


World Heritage. Aside from the contest, your students can play and compete while they learn about World Heritage in Picture mode. In this photo of the program you can see el Puerto de Almuñecar, Granada , in Andalucía, Spain. At this point the site limits Picture mode to a map of Europe.

If  you find the tMundo site and contest useful for your classes, please drop us a line and share your lessons or experiences with other teachers.


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